What is the solar panel validation project

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER), keeping in mind the Australian solar power industry and other renewable energy bodies, has introduced the Solar Panel Validation project. Bridge Select are one of 3 technology partners selected to develop solutions for this project.

The project is currently in a pilot phase. Bridge Select enables solar power businesses to quickly and easily check if solar panels are genuine before they are installed in order to assist the CER in facilitating quicker STC claims.

You can read more about the project at http://www.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au/RET/Scheme-participants-and-industry/Agents-and-installers/Solar-Panel-Validation-pilot

Some screenshots of the app Handle jobs onsite with ease.

Some screenshots of the portal Create and manage your jobs workflow all in one portal.

Some features of the app & portal This app is bundled with lot of features to take the pain out of managing your solar power jobs

Scan and verify panel serial numbers

Scan and verify serial numbers and ensure they've been supplied by the manufacturer.

Generate, manage and trade your STCs

Generate STCs, retain their ownership and sell them at a suitable time and price. More $$$ in your pocket.

Take photos with geo-tags and timestamps

Photos taken using the app are geo-tagged, time-stamped and uploaded automatically without having to worry about these details.

Real time correction of information

Bridge Select works in real time and all updates happen without having to refresh the browser or the app.

Works without the internet

The app works in areas without an internet connection and syncs up as soon as it enters an area with internet connection.

App & Remote signatures

Get signatures from customers whether they're available onsite or not and have signatures integrated seamlessly into requisite paperwork.

Email Notifications & Notes

Get notified of important updates via email and take job notes while interacting with office staff in realtime.

One app / portal for everyone

Doesn't matter if you're an installer, a retailer, a STC trader. Bridge Select is a one stop shop for your business.

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Or you can contact us at support@bridgeselect.com.au to make your solar installation process easy and seamless.

Our awesome services We have a solution for everyone in the solar power industry

All Solar

Custom app & portal for STC aggregators, agents, traders, Solar retailers & installers

Build and protect your brand. We can provide you all the smarts of Bridge Select's app and portal for your company with your logo and color scheme

All Solar

Bolt on (integratable) verification servicesfor existing solar power softwares, portals, crm, erp etc.

If you already have your own app and / or portal we can provide you with a service to perform product and installation verification for your company

Custom barcode validation service

Custom barcode validation service for manufacturers

Keep your data in your control and no need to change your IT systems. We can deploy and manage your very own verification api and database.

Request a service

Request a service

We can build any service as a bolt on to your software system.

We designed it for everyone


Use our app to fulfil jobs, take geo-tagged photos, scan panel serial numbers, client signatures, navigate to customer address, and a lot more; all within the comfort of a single app.


Create and manage jobs in real time with your installation team, verify panels from a host of manufacturer databases, create printable job packs with photos to keep as a record, trade your job packs either yourself or with independent agents; all from the comfort of your office.

STC Agents

View STC claims / job packs submitted by all your connected retailers, download both old format (CSV) and new format (XML) specification files required by the CER for STC claims; all from the comfort of your office.


Make your panel serial number verifiable, build customer confidence, help your retailer claim STCs quicker, check legitimate panels for future warranty claims; all from a secure and non-publicly accessible system.

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